Monday, February 20, 2012

Honey Ham The Hoarder

Is Honey Ham a hoarder? Please see exhibits A-M below.


A. Very old squeaky ball with little nubs that no longer squeaks
B. Tennis ball
C. Stolen green bone that Grandma F gave Sophia for Christmas
D. Red chicken leg toy from her Valentine, Hawley
E. A blue rubber jack of unknown origin
F. Pink woobie that used to squeak, also from Valentine Hawley
G-M. Random toys hidden under the mattress of her bed


Also not pictured is the pile of "fight toys" on top of the refrigerator. That is the place where toys that incite fights between Honey and Sophia go to stay until they forget about them. Honey can often be found whining at the foot of the refrigerator. Just waiting - or is it plotting - to reclaim her toys.

There is no denying that Honey Ham (and Sophia) are lucky to have so many toys, but must Ham hoard them all?

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