Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do Not Disturb

I found these pictures of Honey sleeping in our bed, in our old apartment.  

This is exactly how she likes to sleep, whether we are in the bed or not.  Stretched out across ALL the pillows! Don't mind that none of our bedding matches.  The purpose of our bedding is to no longer look pretty.  It is there to act solely as a protective barrier against Honey's drooling problem.  


Classic Honey, gives me a dirty look for waking her up.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Hard Being The Ham

Here she is working on her puppy tan.  It is 86 degrees and sunny today! 

If we can't find her, chances are she is out in the backyard, laying in her lounge chair! 

Honey Takes Over

Originally, I started this blog with the intentions of documenting my 30's.  I see so many great blogs out there that I wanted to have one of my own.  

Then I saw things taking a different route.  Since just about everything in my life is about the Ham, I saw this blog turning more into hers than mine!  That is OK with me.  She can be very entertaining.  So Honey and I will share this blog.  She will have her face plastered all over it (which she likes since she is very photogenic) and I will get the chance to write and share things that interest me every once in a while.  

We changed the name and it feels better! Enjoy! 


Today Is A Good Day

...and then she ate it. 

Taken this morning on my BB.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Puppy Tantrum

This is what she was doing last night.  She stole some plastic wrapping from my new printer box which was sealed and in sitting in our basement.  The little brat gets into the basement while I was upstairs, manages to open the box and get it on its side. 


She then proceeds to take what her little puppy heart desired.  Plastic.  


She is so stubborn.  I am on the other end of the plastic wrap trying to get it away.



After I wrestled the plastic out, I realized she stole the cordless phone at some point and hid it in her bed. Maybe she was trying to call puppy protective services to report her mean mommy? 

Puppy tantrum ensued. 


Waking Up Is Hard To Do

This is why I hate to leave in the morning.  Honey Ham.  That face and her little bowling ball of a body make it so difficult to get out of bed and go to work.  Yes, we are the kind of people who let our dog sleep in our bed.  We are annoying dog people. We love her!  She is our child!  

She is a complete bed hog.  She wedges herself between Mr. T and I.  Some part of her must be touching us when she sleeps.  Her head will rest on my leg and she will kick her back legs into Mr. T as if she is trying to push him over the edge of the bed.  Apparently she needs more room. She also snores like no one's business.  Booming, snoring.  Light a freight train carrying chain saws.  She is a big drooler too.  I have to wash the sheets at least twice a week due to her drooling.  

When that alarm goes off and I start to get out of bed, she always looks up at me.  She looks annoyed first, how dare I wake her!  Then she almost looks concerned.  Like she doesn't understand where I am going, or why.  Ugh, I wish I was back in bed as I type this!!  

Best. Dog. Ever.