Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ham On A Health Kick

Maybe its the upcoming wedding, perhaps Honey wants to drop a few lbs. for the big day. Maybe she will just eat anything we give her. But Honey is eating more vegetables (and watermelon!). She likes eating healthy.

I think what Honey really likes is pushing the broccoli off the edge of her chair just so I would pick it up again!

And for the record, broccoli is a MESSY snack. Little green broccoli bits were everywhere!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hang On Honey Ham

Honey is doing all she can to hang on to summer by laying in her favorite chair and working on her tan.




Bye Bye Summer

Well its almost over. Summer. School is starting, the air feels different and our wedding is right around the corner!

I'm ready for September. I'll be happy when the pool is closed. No more WET DOG! No more washing pool towels every day!

How does Honey Ham feel about it?

Well her and Sophia discussed it...


And they aren't that excited.


Too bad girls!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bulldog Dreams

Honey Ham has always wanted to be a model. She dreams of being a pinup girl!


But she isn't into it for the fame or selfish reasons. She enters all these contest with the hopes of winning the big prize so she can donate it!! Honey Ham is so selfless. If she wins anything good she will donate it to Long Island Bulldog Rescue.

Yes, yes, we know we ask a lot with all the voting, but Honey Ham is a very demanding Bulldog. So here is the deal for the latest calendar contest:

Honey entered these pictures...



You can vote for Honey Ham in the 2011 Ador-A-Bulldogs Calendar Contest here.

And don't forget - you can still vote 3X a day, every day for Honey in the Cutest Canine Contest!