Friday, September 21, 2012

Creative Genius

Honey was very busy today.  She thought the light was just right for her to do a little painting outside.   Oh, you did not know Honey Ham is also a fine arts painter?

Of course she can paint! 

Ham's Grandma C got her this paint set a long time ago.  

All the pent up creativity makes Honey Ham a little mouthy.  She has no puppy patience once the creativity strikes. 

I had to do this part.  I let her choose the colors though.  

Such technique! 

Oops!  We forgot our smock! 

Sent off for framing...

Very nice use of color Honey Ham. 

Next up, Honey's black and white series...

Notice where she is...after all that painting, of course she needed a swim! 

Like most things we do, I'm sure this was more fun for me than her.  But that's OK.  

And Grandma C, I hate to ruin the surprise, but Merry Christmas.  You will be getting a Ham original.

Let you dog express their inner artist and get yours here: 


  1. Of course she needed a swim afterwards, geeze, she had to be exhausted! (HehHehHeh)

  2. You do beautiful work, Ham! We never knew that you were an artist too!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly