Sunday, August 26, 2012

Captain Ham

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The highlight for us was seeing how much fun Honey had in the dinghy.  She jumped right in like a champ.  She propped herself on the sides for a bit.  Then she decided she liked riding on the bow, better  to take in all the views.  I think she was also trying to find the perfect spot to get the little bit of spray coming up from the water.  We were going 5MPH at the most!  I know she wanted to jump in - but no marina water for her.  Have you seen the things that float around in a marina?  No thank you. 

We have a real salty sea dog on our hands!  


  1. How fun! We've always wondered how our boys would take to life on a boat?


  2. Honey loves it. But we only take her out if the conditions are perfect - not too hot, not humid, nice breeze. There are tons of dogs out on the water where we are. It's great!